Will there be instructors? 

Yes, there will be instructors on hand available for hire for individual lessons. 


Is this event beginner-friendly? 

Beginners are encouraged. Most participants are beginners.


Will beginners and experienced drivers be driving together? 

No, for the safety of all of our participants we segment the two groups.


Is this a race? 

No. Everybody goes on the track at their own pace and passing is rarely allowed. The intention is to have fun and improve your own skills. 


Does my insurance cover my car? 

Most commercial insurance does not. All drivers are welcome to purchase HPDI (High Performance Drivers Introduction) insurance coverage, but it is not required. This is strictly up to each individual driver to decide if HPDI Insurance is appropriate for you. Not having this insurance coverage will in no way affect your attendance at the event or your ability to take your car onto the track.

The policy is through Lockton Motorsports and they are set up to help you today in acquiring a track policy for the event. Please read thoroughly and if you have any questions about any of the details of the policy, make sure to contact Lockton Motorsports. Keep in mind that this is strictly a 1-day event policy and is valid only for our event on April 4, 2019. This must be set up before event day.


Are children welcome? 

Children are welcome to attend the event as spectators. 

Will there be food or do I bring my own? 

We provide catered lunch for all participants.


Do I have to come for the whole day?

No, but the driver's meeting is mandatory if you are planning on driving on the track. Registration starts at 7:30 am, followed by the mandatory driver's meeting at approximately 8:15 am. The event ends at 5pm. 


Do I need my own helmet? 

We will have a limited stock of helmets available to rent for $50 each.


Will you provide lap timers? 

No. Please download a lap timing app for your smart phone, such as Harry’s Lap Timer.